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What is Dino The Diamond?

Dino The Diamond (DTD) - Unite love and diamonds with charming dino in this unique NFT collection of 10,000 Dinos. Each Dino holds a distinct expression of friendship, celebrating the enduring power of love. Own a Dino NFT to unlock exclusive access to upcoming collections and community events, along with full commercial and creative rights. Let love and diamonds enchant you in the extraordinary world of Dino The Diamond!






Project Manager

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Artist/Project manager

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Community Head

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Contract Developer

  • What is Dino The Diamond?
    Dino The Diamond (DTD) is like throwing a fabulous love party where charming dinos and dazzling diamonds mingle. It's an NFT collection of 10,000 adorable Dinos, each embodying a unique expression of friendship that celebrates the timeless power of love.
  • What is the mint price for a Dino the Diamond NFT?
    Drumroll, please! Our Dinos are not just affordable, they're "join-the-dino-party-without-breaking-the-bank" affordable. We're all about spreading the love within the community.💟
  • How do I buy a Dino the Diamond NFT?
    Head over to our OpenSea drop! It's the digital hotspot where the minting magic happens. No need to bring a pickaxe, just your virtual shopping cart. (Metamask wallet I mean)
  • Why should I buy a Dino the Diamond?
    Picture this: You're getting an art piece that's as cute as a dino and also granting you secret access to the diamond world! Yep, we're talking about connecting you up with diamond merchants commission-free. Plus, who can resist owning a dino that's both charming and sparkly?
  • What are the benefits of owning a Dino the Diamond?
    First, you get to flaunt your cutie-pie dino buddy, making your virtual space a hundred times cooler. But wait, there's more! You'll also snag a front-row seat to all the exciting things we've got planned. Psssst, there are even whispers of three series collections in the pipeline. Check out our white paper for all the delightful deets.
  • What's the future of Dino the Diamond Project?
    Our crystal ball might be a bit foggy, but we're all ears when it comes to our awesome community. While we've got a treasure trove of ideas lined up, we're all about walking the talk. We promise not to oversell and underdeliver. But remember, our future holds more than a T-Rex's arms can reach! 🦖
  • How can I get help if I have a problem with my Dino the Diamond NFT?
    Don't worry! We're here quicker than a dino chasing its tail. Reach out to us on Twitter, Discord, or wherever you find us hanging out in the digital jungle. Your happiness is our top priority!
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